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Resources for Math (SLD)

COVID-19 and Special Education

View information for educators and parents to support students with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 resources for special education

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SLD Math Webinars

What About Maths? Accessing Elementary Mathematics through Digital Distance Learning

This 90 minute recorded webinar addresses accessing mathematics through digital distance learning for elementary students with math difficulties and disabilities.

View Accessing Elementary Mathematics through Digital Distance Learning

What About Maths? Supporting positive math identities for middle school students with SLD

This 90 minute webinar will discuss: 

  • What are some effective instructional strategies for middle school maths?
  • How do we help struggling students develop positive math identities?
  • How can we support the learning of data analysis and probability?
  • How can we support and promote mathematical communities at school and at home?

Recording Coming Soon! 

What about Maths? Supporting K-5 Students with Math Difficulties & Disabilities

This 90 minute live webinar will address K-5 math instructional strategies for students with math difficulties and disabilities. This webinar will focus on answering the following questions: 

  • How do we design developmentally appropriate K-5 instruction?
  • How we help struggling students develop positive math identities?
  • What? Algebra in K-5?
  • How can AT support remediation and compensation?

View What about Math?

Addressing Math Difficulties and Disabilities

This 90 minute recorded webinar addresses the why and what of math difficulties and disabilities experienced by elementary and secondary students.

Series - Math for Struggling Learners

This is a five-part series consisting of a series of 1-hr webinars presented by Dr. Brad Witzel, Ph.D.


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