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Data & Accountability

CDE uses data to analyze student performance and inform educational improvements at the policy, state board and classroom level.

SchoolView | Data & Accountability

Resources for Student Learning:

CDE Resource Bank
Access to resources for Colorado educators that are designed to advance student learning through a focus on standards, assessments and educator effectiveness.

Use Our Data:

Colorado Growth Model:
Visualization tool to view student growth for schools or districts

Growth Model Tutorials and FAQs
Link to in-depth tutorials on the Colorado Growth Model and guides to individual student growth and achievement report

Growth Summary Reports:
Link to individual school and district growth reports

Colorado Education Data Analysis & Reporting System (CEDAR):
A private, secure data portal to access student-level data

Data Center:
Tool to view school, district, and state education data

Data Lab:
Tool to query the state’s achievement and growth databases by student demographics

Performance Framework Reports and Improvement Plans:
Link to annual accountability reports for schools and districts

Unified Improvement Planning Resources:
Link to UIP resources and templates

Important Dates & Information

Register for School and District Accountability Trainings
The purpose of this training is to understand the basic responsibilities and composition of School Accountability Committees (SACs) and District Accountability Committees (DACs). 
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Updated Growth Data and Summary Reports for 2014
2014 student growth data and summary reports are now available.
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View ACCESS for English Language Learners Growth Data
The data are now available in the Colorado Education Data Analysis & Reporting System (CEDAR). Other resources, including the flat file layout and adequate growth information, are also available.
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Expanded CDE Resource Bank
The CDE Resource Bank provides quick and easy access to resources for Colorado educators that are designed to advance student learning through a focus on standards, assessments and educator effectiveness. 
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READ Act Data Collection for Data Pipeline
The spring 2014 READ Act data collection elements, including an FAQ, are now available. 
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