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Educator Talent - Current Educators

Educator Talent: Effective Educators for Every Student and Effective Leaders for Every School.  Circular icon with Attract represented as a Megaphone, Prepare represented with a Stack of Books, Support represented with Gears Turning and Retain represented with a Shooting Star.

Educator Talent - Current Educators

  • Educators: teachers, principals, administrators, and special services providers (see list of Special Services Providers)
  • Educators licensed outside Colorado: out-of-state educators and international teachers
  • Educator authorizations: substitute, Career and Technical Education (CTE) and others (see full list of Colorado educator authorizations)

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Jobs for Teachers

Visit the Colorado Teaching Jobs webpage to access information to help you find an open educator position that is right for you!

Teacher Mental Health and Wellness

  • Support for Schools and Districts - Links to mental health and social and emotional supports.

  • Frontline Help offers free coaching for frontline heroes dealing with COVID-19 (healthcare workers, emergency responders, teachers).  

  • Teacher/Educator Well-Being Support Line - The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Center is offering a free support line for educators who may be feeling stressed or just need someone to talk to.  The line is staffed from 8 am to 8 pm, seven days a week for all educators and school staff, including ECE, K-12, and higher education.  Call or text 303-724-2500 or click here for more information.

  • CDE Office of Health and Wellness



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Commissioner's Teacher Cabinet

The Commissioner's Teacher Cabinet is a group of practicing teachers from around the state that serve as a sounding board for the implementation of state education policy and will brainstorm solutions for challenges facing today's educators. The cabinet shares new solutions on issues such as raising achievement for all students, supporting low-performing schools and increasing the number of individuals joining the profession.

Learn more about the commissioner's teacher cabinet and its members.

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