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Educator Effectiveness

Classroom teaching and school leadership are the strongest school-based factors impacting student achievement.

CDE is supporting the state’s 178 school districts attract, prepare and support great educators.

Because... every child in every classroom deserves to have excellent teachers and excellent building leaders who are supported in their ongoing professional growth.

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Find out more about the teacher and principal/assistant principal systems, and view the user's guide/model system rubrics (updated 9/23/2013)

In the 2014 legislative session, additional flexibility was passed for districts/BOCES regarding the 50 percent measures of student learning/outcomes portion of the evaluation for the 2014-15 school year only. Make sure to read this fact sheet on this increased flexibility. 

Access the pilot rubrics for the nine specialized service professionals groups (released 9/15/2013)

Check out the latest news from Educator Effectiveness  

The assurances for written evaluation systems are intended to ensure that school districts and BOCES across Colorado implement written evaluation systems that are aligned with Senate Bill 10-191 and the State Board Rules for the Evaluation of Licensed Personnel. Assurances are due by July 1, 2014

Expanding Student Learning

When we intentionally integrate...

We can personalize learning and ignite the potential of every student.

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