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Preparation Office

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For important information on the impacts of COVID-19 related to Educator Preparation visit the Educator Talent COVID-19 FAQ webpage.

Preparation Office

The Educator Preparation Office oversees program approval and re-authorization for institutions of higher education. The process is carried out collaboratively by the Colorado Department of Higher Education and CDE and includes initial approval and re-authorization not more than once every five years. Initial approval and re-authorization are required for any institution offering educator preparation programs leading to endorsement in Colorado, including public and private entities.

Alternative teacher preparation programs offered via designated agencies must also meet standards defined in statute, rules and policy. The approval process is carried out solely by the Colorado Department of Education and includes initial authorization and re-authorization not more than once every five years. 

Rules for the Administration of the Colorado Educator Licensing Act of 1991 (1 CCR 301-37) can be found here.  Rules for the Administration of Educator License Endorsements (1 CCR 301-101) can be found here.


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  • Become a Teacher in Colorado!

    • TEACH Colorado is officially launched with a mission to increase the quality, quantity and diversity of the state’s teacher pipeline. TEACH Colorado is a partnership among Colorado’s school districts, educator preparation programs, state agencies, and business and nonprofit groups to launch a comprehensive digital platform that recruits talented Coloradans into the teaching profession and provides the support they need to enroll in an educator preparation program. Learn more today at

  • Educator Preparation Program Reports

    • ​​​The Educator Preparation Programs Report, featuring an interactive dashboard, is available with information about the effectiveness of Colorado programs training teachers, principals and special services providers, as well as information about new teachers entering the workforce.

  • New Mentor Teacher Endorsement

    • Senate Bill 19-190 charged the CDE with the creation of a Mentor Teacher endorsement. The standards for this endorsement were drafted by a stakeholder group during the summer and fall of 2019. The standards were then adopted by the State Board of Education at their November 2019 meeting. To allow educator preparation programs the ability to become approved for this new endorsement area and offer this to educators during the summer or fall of 2020, the CDE is having a special endorsement window for the mentor endorsement standards this spring semester. The Mentor Teacher endorsement window is open now and programs must submit by March 27, 2020 to have the ability to get this endorsement reviewed and approved by the State Board of Education by June 2020.  Click here for more information and to access the Mentor Teacher endorsement application.

  • Educator Preparation Office Announces Office Hours

    • After the last Designated Agency Advisory Group (DAAG) meeting, the office of Educator Preparation and at least one of the DAAG members per month have committed to offering office hours once a month to allow for collaborative opportunities for designated agencies. This is a chance for alternative licensure programs to engage with one another ongoing throughout the year. Topics for discussion will be driven by alternative programs and attendance is optional. Possible topics could include SB 19-190 and what it means for alternative programs, implementation of the English Learner requirements, how to support candidates and districts when teachers are hired after the program has already started, benefits of a one year program vs two year program, or other topics brought forward from designated agencies. Calendar invites with the zoom information have been sent to the primary contact for each program. If you would like to be added to the calendar invites, please contact​ CDE.