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Mathematics Interventions for Students

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Mathematics Interventions at the Student Level

House Bill 23-1231 aspires to establish a resilient foundation for academic success in mathematics.  This legislation underscores the Colorado Department of Education's (CDE's) commitment to strategic interventions designed to enhance math outcomes for PK-12. Evidence-informed intervention models, such as the implementation of quality summer programs, impactful tutoring initiatives and dedicated caregiver support provide varied opportunities for student progress and mathematical growth.

Math Intervention Models and Tools

The following list serves as a compilation of potential resources.  CDE strongly recommends that school districts conduct thorough vetting to ensure alignment with local guidelines for instructional materials. By school districts ensuring customized interventions for their distinct needs and standards, they can establish a resilient foundation for academic success in mathematics.


High-impact tutoring offers personalized attention, targeting individual learning gaps.

Math intervention tools, such as specialized software or manipulatives, may provide interactive and targeted assistance to struggling learners. ​

 Double dose math programs offer extended instructional time, reinforcing foundational concepts and filling gaps while keeping up with grade level. 

Quality summer programs may provide additional learning opportunities and work on mathematical mindset.


Caregiver support plays an important role; involving parents/caregivers in a student's math education may provide crucial reinforcement outside the classroom. 


Mathematics Intervention at the Institutional Level




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