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The Office of Standards and Instructional Support consists of full time and part-time staff of content specialists with expertise in all areas within the Colorado Academic Standards. This team is committed to supporting education professionals across the state in implementing the Colorado Academic Standards for student success. The team provides guidance and expertise through technical assistance, both internally and externally, related to standards implementation and instructional support.

Samantha Messier, Ph.D.
Director, Office of Standards and Instructional Support
P 720.376.2781

Arts: Visual and Performing

Judi Hofmeister
Dance Arts Consultant
Drama and Theatre Arts Consultant
P 720.376.2781


Donna Goodwin, Ph.D.
Visual Arts Consultant
P 720.376.2781


Carla Aguilar, Ph.D.
Music Arts Consultant
P 720.376.2781

Comprehensive Health and Physical Education

James Hurley, Ph.D.
Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Content Specialist
P 303.866.6453 | C: 303.910.3901


Computer Science

Pam Lewis
Computer Science Content Specialist
P 720-576-4622

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English Language Proficiency

Office of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education

View English Language Proficiency Content

High-Impact Tutoring Grant Program

Spencer Ellis
High-Impact Tutoring Grant Manager 

View the High-Impact Tutoring Program webpage


Joe Brenkert
Mathematics Content Specialist
P 720.990.4907

Jason Cushner
Mathematics Content Specialist
P 720.990.1038

Raymond Johnson, Ph.D.
Mathematics Content Specialist
P 303.866.6582

Tabitha Nickerson
Mathematics Content Specialist
P 720.626.0815

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Personal Financial Literacy (PFL)

Tory Tripp
Personal Financial Literacy Content Specialist
C 720.765.1619

Reading, Writing and Communicating

Olivia Gillespie, Ed.D
RWC Content Specialist
C 720.930.1298

View Reading, Writing and Communicating Content

Science and STEM

Samantha Agoos
Science Content Specialist
C 720.955.9253

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Social Studies

Stephanie Hartman, Ph.D.
Social Studies Content Specialist

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World Languages

Samantha Messier, Ph.D.
P 720-376-2781
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Extended Evidence Outcomes

Gina Herrera

Access, Learning and Literacy and Significant Support Needs, and Deaf/blindness Specialist

Exceptional Student Services Unit
P 303-253-0451

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