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K – 3 Teacher Evidence-Based Reading Training FAQs


Our staff has received numerous inquiries regarding the evidence-based training in teaching reading requirements in the READ Act. In response, we have created the K-3 Teacher Evidence-Based Training in Teaching Reading Training FAQ webpage to provide timely information on the most frequently asked questions. Please submit additional questions to the READ Act Communications Team at

Who Must Complete the Evidence-Based Training in Teaching Reading

Are SPED teachers and interventionists also required to complete the required K-3 Teacher Training? 

Yes.  The READ Act rules define ‘teacher’ as the professional responsible for the literacy instruction of the student(s) and may include the main instructor for a class, an instructional coach, reading interventionist, special education teacher, Title I teacher or other personnel who are identified as effective in the teaching of reading.

Is the CDE-provided K-3 Teacher Training limited to only K-3 teachers? Can pre-school, 4th/5th grade teachers, ELD teachers, administrators, etc. attend as well?

The state provided training for K-3 is limited to teachers in those grades. CDE will consider expanding participation to educators in grades outside of this range at a later date.

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District Responsibilities

Are districts responsible for keeping track of teacher completion of the training?

The process for reporting this information is currently being developed. The process for tracking completion of the CDE-provided training is also currently being developed.

When the processes for reporting/tracking teacher completion of the required training are finalized, they will be shared with districts on our website, during webinars, and on our listserv

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Deadlines for Completion of Training

With the disruptions caused by COVID 19, will the deadline for training K-3 teachers in scientifically and evidence-based reading instruction be revised?

This has not yet been decided.  Senate Bill 19-199 requires that all K-3 teachers demonstrate that they have met the scientifically or evidence-based practice training requirement under the READ Act by the fall of the 2021-22 school year. The law provides districts the ability to request a one-year extension from CDE to comply with this requirement. 

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CDE-Provided Training

What professional development will CDE offer for the K-3 Teacher Training?

Independent review committees selected Keys to Literacy's "Keys to Beginning Reading" to provide face-to-face training via synchronous virtual delivery or in-person and Public Consulting Group, Inc.’s “Building a Strong Foundation: Developing Early Literacy Skills” to provide online training. CDE anticipates the online training will be available this summer after the contracting phase is complete. CDE will provide this information as soon as it becomes available.

Do districts need to apply to be approved to receive the CDE-provided teacher training? What will the process be to receive the training?

No.  Districts will not be required to apply and gain approval to receive the CDE-provided teacher training. We are currently developing processes for districts to register for and participate in the CDE-provided training. When the processes are finalized, they will be shared with districts on our website, during webinars and through our listserv.

Is there a cost for the CDE-provided training?

No.  There is no cost to the district for the CDE-provided training.

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District-created Training

Can districts create their own professional development program to satisfy the requirements of the K-3 Teacher Training?

Yes. A district can choose to provide their own professional development. District-provided PD must meet the same requirements as vendors for the required K-3 Teacher Training. The PD plan must be submitted to CDE, reviewed, and approved. This submission process does not have a deadline.

Is there an application for districts who wish to submit a district created professional development to meet the K-3 teacher training requirement?

An application is available on the READ Act webpage and can be accessed here. This will be a rolling application and will be posted on the CDE website.

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Advisory List of Professional Development

Can districts choose a vendor-created professional development program that is different from the CDE-provided training to meet the requirements of the K-3 evidence based teacher training? 

READ Act statute includes a provision allowing districts the option to provide evidence-based training in teaching reading that is included on the CDE Advisory List of Professional Development. This list can be accessed on the CDE READ Act web-page here

Related Statute:

22-7-1208 (6)(a) By the beginning of the 2021-22 school year and continuing for each school year thereafter, each local education provider that receives per-pupil intervention money or a grant through the early literacy grant program in any budget year starting with the 2019-20 budget year shall ensure that each teacher employed to teach kindergarten or any of grades one through three successfully completes or has successfully completed evidence-based training in teaching reading. To comply with this subsection (6)(a), a local education provider must submit evidence, as described in subsection (6)(b) of this section, that each teacher employed to teach kindergarten or any of grades one through three has successfully completed evidence-based training in teaching reading that is:

(III) Provided by the department or included on the advisory list of professional development programs provided by the department pursuant to section 22-7-1209 (2)(c)

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CDE Endorsements

Which CDE endorsements will count toward being trained in evidence-based reading instruction? 

Teachers who have a Colorado Reading Teacher or Reading Specialist endorsement meet the training requirement.

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Alternative Assessment to meet Teacher Training Requirements 

Is there a way for teachers to “test out” of the requirement for evidence-based teacher training?

On April 8th, 2020, the State Board of Education determined that teachers who score at least 159 on the ETS Praxis Teaching Reading Elementary assessment (5205) will have met the evidence-based teacher training requirement established in SB-19 199.

When can teachers start taking the PRAXIS to satisfy this requirement?

Registration information regarding registration for the PRAXIS 5205 Teaching Reading: Elementary exam can be found on the ETS website.

Does the Praxis have to be combined with an approved course to fulfill the requirement?

No.  Passing the ETS Praxis Teaching Reading Elementary (5205) assessment with a score of at least 159 can serve as a standalone fulfillment of the requirement.

Can districts use READ Act funds to pay for teachers to take the Praxis? 

No.  The cost for teachers to take the Praxis is not an allowable expense for READ per pupil funds.

Can districts use READ Act funds to compensate teachers for PRAXIS assessment fees? 

No. READ per-pupil dollars are not considered an allowable expense for the assessment.

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