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READ Plan Working Group

READ Plan Working Group

CDE has established a READ Plan Working Group to review the creation and use of READ plans, including the extent of parent involvement, to improve the effectiveness of the plans.  The Working Group will develop recommendations regarding changes to regulations and the department's level of technical assistance and communication to local education providers. By law, the working group may not consider nor recommend repealing the requirement for individual READ plans.

Authorized under House Bill 18-1393 , the Working Group is comprised of educators in grades K – 3, upper grade teachers, parents, principals, district leaders, and literacy experts representing districts from across the state, including small rural/rural, urban and suburban districts.  Members of the Working Group were selected through an application process in August 2018.


The Working Group will be convened bi-monthly through December 2019.  Meeting dates and locations are being confirmed and will be posted when available.  The recommendations of the Working Group will be submitted to the State Board of Education and the education committees of the House of Representatives and the Senate by before February 1, 2020 by the Commissioner of Education.

Working Group Facilitation:

The department is engaging an objective, skilled, third-party facilitator to manage the working group meetings and record the working group’s recommendations in a final report.  All meeting agendas and summaries will be publicly available on this webpage.

Membership List


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