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Why Is it PEP?

COVID-19 and Special Education

View information for educators and parents to support students with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 resources for special education

Why Is it Parents Encouraging Parents?

Abbreviated as PEP, Parents Encouraging Parents are conferences for parents* who have children with disabilities, ages birth to 21, to give them the opportunity to obtain information relating to parents, parenting, educating, and supporting a child with a disability. The PEP conferences are also an opportunity for professionals who work with children and youth with disabilities (ages birth to 21) and their families.

The design of the PEP conferences promotes partnerships that are essential in supporting student learning and including children with disabilities and their families in schools and the community. However, the design also creates a setting for participants--both parents and professionals--to share ideas, discuss concerns and celebrate success.

*Used throughout the PEP web pages, parents includes parents as couples, single parents, legal guardians, adoptive, and foster parents.


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