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What Is PEP?

What Is PEP?

Parents Encouraging Parents

Abbreviated as PEP, Parents Encouraging Parents are non-specific disability conferences based on commonalities, not diagnoses. 

Sessions and topicals regularly offered at PEP conferences are:

  • Parenting a Child with a Disability and Rebuilding Dreams
  • The Law and the Education of Children with Disabilities
  • Living with a Disability
  • Early Childhood Supports and Services
  • The Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
  • The Transition IEP

Typical PEP conference agenda (for in-person conferences)

Agenda Típica de la Conferencia PEP (para conferencias en persona)

Does PEP offer CEUs?

No. However, upon request, any participant who attends a PEP conference in its entirety will be emailed a certificate of completion of 18 hours (for in-person conferences). No partial hours will be given on a certificate.

More Information about PEP

Pahmela Mendoza
Family School Program Specialist
Phone: 720-237-4600
Email Pahmela Mendoza

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