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Educator Talent News

Welcome to our Educator Talent News page! Stay up to date on all things Educator Talent including news on Preparation, Licensing, Development and Educator Effectiveness.

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Understanding the English Learner Professional Learning requirements for teachers with a professional license

The new English Learner Professional Learning requirements must be met only by teachers with professional licenses with an elementary, English language arts, math, science or social studies endorsement. In addition, teachers with licenses in all other endorsement areas may elect to also meet the requirements. The same holds true for special service providers, principals and administrators, too. Individuals with a culturally and linguistically diverse endorsement, or its linguistically diverse predecessor, automatically meet this requirement.

In September, CDE began issuing all teacher, special services provider, principal and administrator licenses with one of three designations in the bottom left corner of the certificate: “Yes,” the individual has met this requirement; “No” the requirement has not been met, but needs to be; or “Optional,” meaning the individual may choose to do so, but doing so is not mandatory. A memo accompanies each certificate to explain what each designation means and the timeline for obtaining one.

As a reminder, teachers holding an elementary, English language arts, math, science or social studies endorsement must meet the new licensing requirement as follows:

  • If the effective date of the professional license is Sept. 1, 2018, or later, the teacher will need to meet this requirement within the present five-year license renewal period. For example, if the professional license was issued on Sept. 1, 2018, the teacher must provide evidence of meeting this requirement when he or she submits a renewal application in 2023.
  • If the effective date of the current professional license is prior to Sept.1, 2018, the teacher may renew this license one time before needing to show evidence that he/she has fulfilled the requirement. For example, if the license was issued on Aug. 31, 2018, the teacher would not have to submit this documentation until he/she renews in 2028.
  • If this requirement is not met accordingly, CDE will not be able to renew the license until it is met.
  • Individuals only need to satisfy this requirement once during the course of their Colorado professional educator licensure history.
  • Once the requirement is met, a “yes” designation will be added to all licenses held by the individual. So if, for example, a teacher who also holds a principal license fulfills this requirement, CDE will change the “optional” designation on the principal license to “yes,” because that individual has met the requirement.
  • Educator licensing consultants automatically add a “yes” designation to all licenses issued or renewed with a CLD, CLD bilingual, LDE or LDE bilingual endorsement.

Detailed information about the English Learner PD requirement, the timeline for meeting it and how educators may document and demonstrate that they have done so can be found on at the English Learner PD Requirements - Information for Educators webpage.

Educators looking to be evaluated for this new requirement on their next renewal application will need to download and complete the English Learner PD Standards Matrix (XLS), which describes the four standards and eight elements that must be addressed in order to earn a “yes” designation. 

For more information, contact Jennifer Simons at or 303-866-6793.


Colorado State Model Principal Rubric focus groups 

The Educator Effectiveness (EE) Office is in the process of revising the Colorado State Model Principal Rubric.  During the summer of 2018 a Technical Working Group worked to create a draft of the principal rubric.  Significant changes have been made at the standard, element, and processional practices levels.  The EE Office is seeking feedback from around the state on the principal rubric draft and invites superintendents/principal managers, principals, and teachers to register and attend a focus group session.

There are still focus group sessions available next week.  Please register today!  Registration fills up quickly and we ask that interested individuals only sign up for the audience to which they belong (Superintendents/Principal Managers, Principals, Teachers), and that you sign up at least one week in advance to each focus group session.  Registration is limited to 12 participants per session.

Focus Group Sessions:

  • 10-11:30 am, Oct. 25, Denver (Principals)
  • 11:30 am - 1 pm, Oct. 25, Denver (Superintendents/Principal Managers)

For questions or more information, contact Educator Effectiveness at or contact your EE regional specialist


Model Code of Ethics (MCEE)

The National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) presents the Model Code of Ethics (MCEE), a common language of ethics developed by educators for educators.  The MCEE is the first common language of ethics that can support and guide decisions regarding professional practice.  Educators and administrators are encouraged to include the following listed resources in a future training or Professional Learning Community (PLC).  For questions or comments contact NASDTEC at

  • MCEE video featuring the educators who helped develop the MCEE, speaking to the importance of the code and its application in the classroom

  • DistruptEd two-part video conversation with Troy Hutchings and Phil Rogers about the Code of Ethics (Part 1 and Part 2)


Educator Talent launches Policy Update webpage

The Educator Talent - Policy Updates webpage offers an overview of legislation passed in 2018 by the General Assembly and State Board of Education rules updates that will be implemented by Educator Talent.  We invite you to visit this webpage regularly to obtain up-to-date information on rules, policy, and grants related to educator shortages.



Educator Talent seeking feedback on the Rules for the Administration of Retaining Teachers Grant Program, 1 CCR 301-102

The State Board of Education noticed rulemaking in September 2018 for the Rules of the Administration of Retaining Teachers Grant Program.  This is a new grant program authorized during the 2018 legislative session under House Bill 18-1412 to assist local educator providers in retaining teachers by implementing one more more initiatives designed to improve the ability of local education providers to retain teachers.  Please submit feedback online no later than Wednesday, October 31.  CDE will also accept written comments via email to through Wednesday, November 7.

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