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SB 19-199 Updates

READ Collection and Fund Distribution

The legislature made several important changes to the READ Act this year because Colorado schools and districts overall were not seeing dramatic increases in students reading at grade level by third grade – the goal policymakers and educators set when the law was created in 2012.

CDE anticipates distributing this school year’s funds the week of Monday, Aug. 12. Please note that the READ Act per-pupil fund distribution will be less for the 2019-20 school year compared to previous years because Senate Bill 19-199 creates new provisions in the law. CDE anticipates per-pupil funds will be reduced by approximately 20 percent.

SB19-199 also modifies allowable funding uses for students with significant reading deficiencies. They now include:

  • purchase of core reading instructional programs that are included on the advisory list of instructional programming in reading and supporting technologies,
  • purchasing tutoring services in reading,
  • providing professional development programming to support educators in teaching reading,
  • providing other targeted, scientifically or evidence-based intervention services; or
  • operating a summer school literacy program.

For questions about the READ Act, contact Anji Gallanos, Director, Preschool through Third Grade Office, at or 720-527-0497.


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