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ELG - Professional Development


History and Purpose

House Bill 18-1393 amendments to the Colorado Reading to Ensure Academic Development Act (READ Act) authorized the Early Literacy Grant Annual Professional Development (ELG PD) Program. This grant opportunity is designed to support Colorado educators in implementation of scientifically based reading research (SBRR) programs and strategies for K-3 students. An effort championed by the State Board of Education (SBE), these funds are specifically intended for early literacy professional development for elementary educators. 

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ELG - Professional Development Eligibility

Grants may be awarded to an applying local education provider (LEP) that is a school district on a district-wide basis or to individual schools of the school district. An LEP may apply individually or as part of a group of LEPs.  Eligible LEPs include:

  • a school district,
  • BOCES,
  • a district charter school, and
  • an institute charter school.

Applications will be accepted from individual schools but must be authorized and submitted through their LEP. If funded, a charter school’s authorizer would be their fiscal agent.

Funding is restricted to LEPs that are already implementing evidence-based or scientifically based universal instruction and interventions that are resulting in significant student academic growth toward reading competency.  If an application does not provide evidence of this, the application will not be further reviewed or considered for funding.

Allowable Use of Funds

Funds from this opportunity may be used to supplement, not supplant, any funds currently used to support SBRR professional development.

Funding uses that will be considered include:

  • costs associated with employing literacy coaches who are trained in the science of reading and in teaching the foundational reading skills of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary development, reading fluency including oral skills, and reading comprehension to provide educator professional development in teaching foundational reading skills,
  • professional development from the CDE-approved Topic-Specific Advisory List of Professional Development,
  • onsite consulting, coaching, and/or training to support effective literacy instruction provided by an ELG Implementation Consultant from the CDE-approved ELG Implementation Consultant Advisory List,
  • training related to programming from the CDE-approved 2020 Advisory List of Instructional Programming, provided by the approved vendor or a vendor-approved trainer,
  • training related to assessments from the CDE-approved READ Approved Diagnostic and Summative Assessments and/or READ Approved Interim Assessments, provided by the approved vendor or a vendor-approved trainer,
  • related tuition, fees, books, materials, and/or training program costs, and
  • stipends, substitutes, and/or travel costs to attend approved and selected professional development opportunities.

ELG Professional Development Grant Announcements & Updates 

2024-2025 ELG - Professional Development Grant Application Process & Timeline

The application process for the 2024-2025 ELG PD Grant is now posted. Click the button below for a general overview of deadlines and for more information on the application process. 

Professional Development Grant Application & Timeline