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Effective Date of a License

The effective date of a license or authorization is the date on which an application is complete and CDE is able to finalize the evaluation of the application. Therefore, if an applicant submits an incomplete application, or if CDE has not received the applicant's background checks (or if the application needs first to be cleared by our enforcement team), the application will not be evaluated and a corresponding license or authorization will not be effective until that information has been provided and approved. CDE does not backdate certificates for any reason other than our own error. This includes the submission of official transcripts showing that a degree has been conferred.

"Freezing" or Placing a Professional License on Hold (Inactive Status)

Only professional-level teacher, SSP, principal and administrator licenses may be placed on inactive status.

Colorado state statute indicates that any person who holds a valid professional license may choose to place the professional license in "inactive status." To do so, simply log in to your online account and complete and submit an "Inactivate an Already Active Professional License" application. You may make this request only once during a 12-month period. There is no fee associated with an inactivation request.

While on inactive status, while the expiration date of a professional license shall be suspended, the online credential verification will show an expiration date which will be the date we received your inactivation request. When you submit an application to return the professional license to active status, it shall be issued for the period remaining on the license as of the date of inactivation. Please note that state statute stipulates that while your professional license is on inactive status, you shall be deemed as not holding that professional license.

The Educator Licensure Office only may inactivate a license that has been issued. We cannot inactivate your license at the time of initial application or at the time of renewal due to system constraints. You must wait until the application has been evaluated and the license issued and effective, if in the case of renewals, before submitting your request. Requests for inactivation that are received prior to the original license being issued cannot be processed.


Reactivating a Previously Inactivated Professional License

Important Note: This is only for those who have previously requested to place their license in inactive status. It is not for licenses that have simply expired. Please check your online account to ensure the status of your license reads "inactive." If it does not, please visit the application checklist and select "renew" under the appropriate category.

A person may request to return a professional license to active status at any time by completing the "Reactivate an Already Inactive Professional License" application via their online account. Reactivation dates are based on when the complete reactivation application is received by CDE and the days remaining calculated during the inactivation process. There is a non-refundable $25 fee associated with the reactivation application.

Please note: if you do not hold another valid, CDE-issued educator credential, you will need to submit a set of fingerprints to CBI for a current background check to reactivate the license.



Effective Jan. 5, 2021, CDE no longer will be printing certificates. Too, we are combining all licenses and authorizations into one document. To obtain a copy of your credential (which will detail each license and authorization held), simply log in to your online account and select the "print" button in the credential section of your profile. Be sure to verify that the e-mail address associated with your account is correct, as that is where the copy will be sent.


Name Change Request

To change the name on your license, log in to your online account and complete the "Name Change" application,and include the following documentation:

  • An copy of your Colorado or U.S. government-issued photo id that reflects your new name      AND
  • Any official documentation --  marriage license, divorce decree or other officially issued court document -- supporting the legal name change
  • Out-of-state driver licenses must be accompanied by a U.S. state-issued birth certificate.

** Applications submitted without the requisite information will be determined to not meet requirements and be closed. **


Verification of an Active or Expired License / Letter of Good Standing (educator credentials only)

If you need a copy of a certificate, please see the reprint request section above.

Upon request, the Educator Licensure Office will provide a statement of verification / letter of good standing indicating the validity date(s) and the endorsement area(s) of the educator license(s) or authorization(s) held. Each verification is subject to the information contained in our current database; older certifications and/or archived records may not be available. (For a copy of your test score report, please contact the exam administrator.) Note: This form is not for general requests, document submissions, copies of credentials or anything other than verification of a CDE-issued credential.

To obtain such a statement, complete this simple request form:

  • Include your complete mailing address (with city, state and zip code) so that we may verify and/or update your account.
  • Attach any state-specific forms (if applicable) 
  • Do not include copies of your CDE-issued credentials.

** Please allow two to three weeks for completion.**


Educator Licensure Records prior to 2002

For information pertaining to an educator license issued prior to October 18, 2002, you will need to contact the Colorado State Archives Office:

Colorado State Archives
1313 Sherman St. Room 1B-20
Denver, CO 80203
303-866-2358 or 303-866-2390

Fees may apply: