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Performance Watch

All schools and districts with an identified need through the state accountability system are considered to be on Performance Watch.  This includes sites on the accountability clock (i.e., Priority Improvement or Turnaround at Year 1 or higher), On Watch (i.e., sites that have earned an Improvement plan type or higher after being on the accountability clock for at least two years) or On Hold (i.e., received an Insufficient State Data rating after being on performance watch in the prior year). 

Performance Watch Graphic, where overarch is Performance Watch and under the umbrella is performance and improvement, Insufficient state data hold on watch year 2 plus, under accountability clock sub header is priority improvement or turnaround, sites with state board action and insufficient state data on hold year 1 plus


General Overview

Understanding Identifications​​

Improvement Planning Requirements

Stakeholder Engagement Expectations

Pathway Preparation in Year 4

Pathway Selection and Implementation

State Review Panel


Assigned support lead

Determine qualification and apply for resources





Access and Responsibility

Late August

Preliminary Frameworks released and Request to Reconsider begins

CDE releases to districts through Syncplicity

Request to reconsider begins

CDE opens Accreditation Portal

UIP supports and trainings available

School and district may opt in here

Early September

ESSA School Profiles are available in Syncplicity

An email notification will be sent to the Consolidated Application Authorized Representative and the Title I Contact giving access to Syncplicity. Access can be requested for other district or school personnel by emailing Yazmine Patino


EASI Application opens and provides support to applicants

CDE opens application and supports

Notification shared with families and local board hearing scheduled 

District sends notification to families

Accreditation Form due

District submits through Accreditation Portal

Late September - Early October

LEA notifies schools of federal identifications and shares the ESSA School Profile(s) with identified school(s)

District sends notification letter to schools

October 16, 2023

UIPs (added requirements for identified schools) due for review and public posting

District submits through UIP Online System 

Request to reconsider submissions due

District submits through Accreditation Portal

December 2023

EASI Applications due

District submits application

DPFs and SPFs finalized

State board vote

Accreditation contracts due

CDE provides contracts to districts for signature through DocuSign

January 2024

EASI application awardees notified

CDE contacts all applicants