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Accountability Data Tools and Reports

Performance Framework Reports and Unified Improvement Plans

Select your district name or school name to view District Performance Frameworks (DPFs) or School Performance Frameworks (SPFs). These reports provide the annual results and ratings under the state accountability system. In addition to viewing the most recent year's results -- the official report is identified within the title of the link -- you may also view the results for all prior years. The current district and school Improvement Plans are also provided.

Colorado Growth Model Reports


Select your district name or school name to view reports of Median Growth Percentiles (MGPs). This tool provides PDF reports as well as an interactive reporting interface, in which you may select the CMAS and CO PSAT/SAT assessments in either English Language Arts or Math subject areas for your district or school. You may select various student categories for reporting too (e.g., gender, race, etc.). These reports enable comparisons across schools, districts and the state and include up to three years of trend data, as available. 

School and District Dashboards


Select your district name or school name to view a suite of reports that provide both demographic data (e.g., student category, attendance, and mobility) and accountability data. The reports include the achievement, growth, and postsecondary & workforce readiness data that make up the Performance Framework results (i.e., state accountability rating determinations). This tool is often used to support improvement planning efforts by districts and schools.


View Performance Framework Flat Files (XLS files) 

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