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Achievement on State Assessments

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  • To explore your school or district’s academic achievement this past year, see the Performance Snapshot.

For the state and district performance frameworks, the achievement indicator reflects the extent to which students have met the learning objectives described in the relevant academic content standards for a given content area and grade level.

What metrics are included in the achievement indicator on the performance frameworks?

The academic achievement indicator reflects average scores (i.e., mean scale scores) on English Language Arts, Math, and Science state assessments in tested grades.  

2019 Academic Achievement

On this indicator, schools and districts earn one of four ratings (Exceeds Expectations, Meets Expectations, Approaching Expectations, or Does Not Meet Expectations) based on the percent of points earned on the above metrics.

How does the achievement performance indicator impact overall ratings on performance frameworks?

For state accountability purposes, achievement is one of three performance indicators used for determining accreditation and school plan type ratings.  For elementary schools and middle schools, achievement results account for 40% of their final ratings. For high schools and districts, 30% of their final ratings are based on achievement.

2019 Score Weighting


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