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Concurrent Enrollment Advisory Board

About the Concurrent Enrollment Advisory Board

The primary responsibilities of the Concurrent Enrollment Advisory Board are:

  • Establishing guidelines for the administration of the ASCENT program.
  • Advising and assisting local school education providers and institutions of higher education in preparing cooperative agreements.
  • Recommending improvements or changes to state policies to better accommodate concurrent enrollment programs.
  • Providing recommendations and considerations on waiver provisions necessary for the success of the ASCENT program.
  • Preparing and submitting a final report to the state board of education and the Commission on Higher Education, which includes the established administration guidelines and all above recommendations and improvements to advance ASCENT and other concurrent enrollment programs.

Concurrent Enrollment Advisory Board approved Operating Procedures Manual (updated 2018)

Concurrent Enrollment Advisory Board Annual Memo

Pursuant to the Concurrent Enrollment Programs Act (section 22-35-107 (7)(a) (b), C.R.S.), the Concurrent Enrollment Advisory Board is required to prepare a report and submit it to the State Board of Education and the Colorado Commission on Higher Education regarding any guidelines that the board has established for the administration of the ASCENT program; and any recommendations that the board makes concerning the improvement or updating of state policies relating to concurrent enrollment programs.


2018-2019 Concurrent Enrollment Advisory Board

Sheri Bryant – State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education Appointee
Jefferson County School District 

Kimberly Caplan – CDE appointment
Kimberly Caplan is the School Programs Specialist at the Colorado Charter School Institute’s (CSI)

Susan Clough – Governor appointment
Susan Clough is the Vice President for Administration & Finance at Morgan Community College.

Dahl Gehle  – DHE appointment
Dahl Gehle is the Scheduling and Enrollment Coordinator at Aims Community College.

Sarah Heath – State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education appointment
Sarah Heath is the State Director/Assistant Provost for Career and Technical Education Colorado Community College System

Danny E. Martinez – DHE appointment
Danny Martinez is the Director of the CU Succeed Program
Rebecca Fernandez Martinez – Governor appointment
Rebecca Fernandez Martinez is with the Community College of Denver

"Bobby" Gerald Robert Pace - Governor appointment
Bobby Pace is the Dean of  Academic Affairs, Concurrent Enrollment at the Community College of Aurora

Brandon Protas – DHE appointment
Brandon Protas is the Director of College Pathways at Community College of Denver.

Georgia Reagan – DHE appointment
Georgia Reagan is the Supervisor of Admissions and Enrollment at Emily Griffith Technical College
Mark Thompson  – CDE appointment
Mark Thompson is a Counselor at Pagosa Springs High School.
Renise Walker – CDE Appointment
Renise Walker is the Education Liaison for CDE and the Colorado Workforce Development Council
Tammy Ward - DHE appointment 
Tammy Ward is the Director of Concurrent Enrollment Initiatives at the Colorado Community College System
Diana Zakhem - CDE appointment 
Diana Zakhem is the Director of Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness at Englewood Schools.


Michelle Romero 
Phone: 303-866-6609