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Career Development Incentive Program

Colorado Career Development and Industry Credentials Communications Toolkit

Resources are available to support school and district leaders as they increase student and family access to, awareness of, and engagement in high-demand and low-supply industry credentials and opportunities that students have to prepare for earning them while in high school.

Learn more about the Career Development & Industry Credentials Communications Toolkit

The PWR of the Communications Toolkit webinar was held on May 5, 2022. View the recording here

  • Description: The new Career Development and Industry Credentials Communications Toolkit, part of the Career Development Incentive Program (CDIP), contains a plethora of information on engaging students and families in career development and industry credentials, Colorado's Top 10 Industry Credentials, and integrating industry credentials in your district. Join members of the Office of Postsecondary & Workforce Readiness and partners to learn how this new toolkit can be utilized to benefit students in your district!

The PWR of Career Development Success Program

The Career Development Incentive Program (CDIP), or Career Development Success Program, provides financial incentives for school districts and charter schools that encourage high school students, grades 9-12, to complete:

Tier 1: Qualified industry credential programs, pre-apprenticeships and apprenticeships;
Tier 2: Workplace training programs (internships); or
Tier 3: Computer Science Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

Participating districts, charter schools, or BOCES could receive up to $1,000 for each pupil who completes a program, and 120% of the per-pupil amount for each pupil who is eligible for free or reduced-price lunch, distributed in tiered order. 


2024-25 CDIP List Updates Webinar

This webinar was held on February 2, 2024. The webinar covers CDIP legislative updates, recent labor market data from the 2023 Talent Pipeline Report, pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship information, review of new and removed certifications, and the CDIP reporting timeline.  

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2022-23 Program Participation

  • 84 school districts (61 in 2021-22) and ten charter schools (nine in 2021-22) reported students who completed qualified industry credential programs. 31 (22 in 2021-22) were categorized as small rural, and 22 (13 in 2021-22) were categorized as rural.

  • There was a 61% increase in programs reported from 2021-22.  A total of 20,237 qualifying programs were reported. Only 10,791 in tier one were funded due to available appropriations.

  • As required by Colorado Revised Statute 22-54-138, participating districts or charter schools cannot receive a distribution of more than ten percent of the total number of completed industry certificates reported by districts and charter schools. Therefore, one district received funding for only 1,063 certificates, rather than the amount reported, thus reducing the number of credentials funded.

Overview of Funding:

Year Number of Requests Requests Funded Dollar Amount
2016-17 3,106 1,807 $1,000,000
2017-18 5,777 3,688 $2,000,000
2018-19 6,764 5,133 $4,800,000
2019-20 9,110 6,441 $4,279,837
2020-21* 6,709 6,147 $6,033,028
2021-22 12,573 9,130 $4,286,089
2022-23 20,297 10,791 $4,214,771

*The Colorado Department of Education received an additional $1.5 million for the 2020-21 year. 

Funding Details

Year Programs Reported Programs Funded Amount Funded Funding per Program/Pupil
2016-17 3,106 1,807 $1,000,000 $553.40 
2017-18 5,777 3,688 $2,000,000 $542.30 
2018-19 6,764 5,133 $4,800,000 $935.13 
2019-20 9,110 6,441 $4,279,837 $664.47 
2020-21* 6,709 6,147 $6,033,028 $981.46 
2021-22 12,573 9,130 $4,286,089 $469.45 
2022-23 20,297 10,791 $4,214,771

$443.81 (FRL)

$369.96 (Non-FRL)

*For program year 2020-21, CDIP received $1.5 million in ARPA funds. This allowed our office to fund an additional $43.11 to meet the maximum funding of $1000 in Tier 1, plus fund the maximum of $1000 in Tier 2, and $806.50 in Tier 3.

Credential Breakdown 2022-23

Qualified Programs # Reported by Districts # Funded $ Amount Funded
Industry-Recognized Certifications 15,421 10,430 Tier 1
Pre- Apprenticeships 305 246 Tier 1
Apprenticeships 123 115 Tier 1
Internships 2,285 0  
Advanced Placement Computer Science Courses 2,163 0  
Total 20,297 10,791 $4,214,771

Click here to see the funding and participation breakdown by district. 

Gender Breakdown 2022-23

Male 37%
Female 63%



For funding and data inquiries: 

Eivi Colmenero, PWR Specialist

For CDIP List inquiries:

Sami Mooney, Education Consultant