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Colorado Ed Flex Program Application

The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) has completed it's 2001 Ed Flex Application containing the states definition of "Adequate Yearly Progress" for Title I schools. The United States Department of Education (ED) will now review the application for compliance with federal laws and regulations. ED may approve the application as written or require modifications. In any event, CDE will work with the ED to have an approved plan prior to June 30, 2001. As soon as approval is granted, CDE will notify all LEA's and BOCES. In the interim, please address all questions to Brad Bylsma:

State Ed Flex Plan - Summary

Passed by Congress in 1999, Ed Flex allows the U.S. Secretary of Education to delegate to states the authority to waive certain federal education requirements that may impede state and local efforts to improve education. Ed Flex is designed to give schools more flexibility to put in place educational reforms to raise student academic achievement.

Ed Flex gives Colorado an opportunity to invest federal education dollars based more on local needs and priorities than on strict federal mandates. Ed Flex is an important first step in allowing states the flexibility to help improve their education systems. Ed Flex is one more tool that will make it easier and quicker to implement state and local reform initiatives. It will enhance state and local efforts to make federal education programs an integral part of our reform efforts instead of an obstacle.

Under Ed Flex, the Colorado Department of Education will be empowered to waive some federal elementary and secondary education requirements, enabling schools and districts to better serve their students. Please link to the proposed state Ed Flex Plan by clicking above.

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