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ESEA Unit Launchpad

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This website is intended to be a resource for LEA staff in roles dealing with various federal funds through the CDE ESEA Office. The links and graphics on this site will take you to more detailed tools that can help you onboard into your roll and find any help you may need. This site will also highlight key tasks that happen throughout the annual federal programs cycle. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Regional Contact(s).

Introduction to ESEA Training

The ESEA Unit has recorded an overview for new Directors and Federal Program staff responsible for ESEA programs. The overview provides new district staff information on each ESEA Program, the grant management cycle, and the ESEA Consolidated Application requirements. New federal programs district staff are encouraged to reach out to their Regional Contact after reviewing the New Director materials for additional information and support.

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Resources by Topic

Click the icons below to learn more about the individual ESEA programs.

ESEA Programs Title I

Supporting At-Risk Student Populations

Icon listing ESEA, Title II

Preparing, Training, Recruiting, and Retaining Quality Educators

ESEA Programs Title III

  • English Learners
  • Immigrant Set Aside

Icon listing ESEA, Title IV

Student Support & Academic Enrichment

  • Well-Rounded Educational Opportunities
  • Activities to support Safe and Healthy Students
  • Activities to support the Effective Use of Technology

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Rural Education Achievement Program (REAP)

Icon listing ESEA, Consolidated Application

Single application to apply for all ESEA Title funding

Icon listing ESEA, Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief

COVID-19 preparedness and response:

  • March 2020 CARES Act ESSER I
  • December 2020 CRRSA ESSER II
  • March 2021 ARP ESSER III

Icon listing ESEA, Monitoring

CDE's process for monitoring the use of federal funds:

  • ESEA Monitoring
  • ESSER Monitoring

Icon listing ESEA, Federal Accountability & Reporting

Statewide systems for:

Icon listing ESEA, Program Evaluation

Evaluation of the effectiveness of federally funded programs

Image of Year at a Glance icon with twelve calendar months, January through December.

This tool is intended to provide local administrators of ESSA grant programs a one-stop checklist of tasks and timelines for the programs included in the Consolidated Application. Multiple versions of the tool can be found below:

Live Web Version - Contains instructions, all tasks, and tasks sorted by program. (Always up to date; Not recommended for printing)

Downloadable Excel File - Contains instructions, all tasks, and tasks sorted by program. (Useful for LEA customization)

PDF Versions - (Useful for printing, searching, sharing, and referencing)

*All versions of the Year at a Glance specify when they were last updated. CDE will notify districts through the Beeline and Office Hours when major changes have been made.