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Office of Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Programs

Our Office

The ESEA Office is a sub-office that lives under the Federal Programs Unit. The work of this office is to define program and systems quality and to establish standards, indicators, and protocols with which to assess local programs and systems. The goal is to help build the capacity of the field to implement higher quality programs and systems. Our office seeks to ensure that program applications, review protocols and approval criteria reflect high quality program standards and maximizes efficiency and impact.

Our Mission

The purpose of our work is ensure that the ESEA programs in Colorado provide all children significant opportunity to receive a fair, equitable, and high-quality education and close educational achievement gaps.

Our Stakeholders

The Every Student Succeeds Act Committee of Practitioners serves to advise the CDE in carrying out its responsibilities under the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015. It operates to identify issues across regions of the state and facilitate two-way communication between CDE and the preK-12 education community throughout Colorado.

At this time, CDE is accepting applications for the following representation on the committee:

  • Charter school teacher(s)
  • Career and technical education teacher(s)
  • Principal(s) or other school leaders
  • Specialized instructional support personnel
  • Paraprofessional(s)
  • Additional parents of school-age children
  • Exceptional Student Services practitioner
  • Geographic representation from the Southeast, West Central, and Northwest Regions of the State

To apply for a position, fill out the 2018-19 Application(DOC) and submit to Brad Bylsma

Office of ESEA 

Nazanin (Nazie) Mohajeri-Nelson
Director, ESEA Programs Office

DeLilah Collins
Assistant Director, ESEA Programs Office

Sofia Hernandez Sosa
Program Support

Michelle Prael  
Program Support

ESEA Programs Team

ESEA Programs

Brad Bylsma: Metro and Southwest Regions 
Director of Coordinated Supports

Laura Meushaw: Metro, Southeast and Pikes Peak Regions 
Title I Specialist

Jeremy Meredith: Southwest   
Title II Program Specialist 

James (Joey) Willett: Metro, Southwest, Northwest and West Central Regions 
Title I Specialist

Title I Program Specialist 

Kristen Collins: Southwest Region
Consultant: Title VB


Data, Accountability, Reporting and Evaluation Team

Data, Accountability, Reporting and Evaluation

Donna Morganstern
Coordinator, ESEA Reporting

Tina Negley
Research Analyst

Alexandra Tolentino
Data Collection Specialist & Research Analyst

Barbara Vassis
Principal Consultant

Competitive Grants and Awards Team

Competitive Grants and Awards

Kim Burnham
CGA Supervisor

Patricia Gleason
CGA Senior Consultant

Anna Young
CGA Senior Consultant

Program Support



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