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Office of Facility Schools

COVID Update for Approved Facility Schools

On March 18, 2020 Governor Jared Polis released an Executive Order to suspend in-person learning in Colorado’s P – 12 schools from March 23 to at least April 17 to guard against the spread of the coronavirus. The Executive Order includes, and therefore requires, the suspension of in-person learning in day treatment programs within facility schools for children who do not live in residential facilities, but excludes approved facility schools (residential programs) from terminating their work with children who do live in residential facilities, including in-person learning. Operators of approved residential programs are not prohibited from choosing to suspend in-person learning based upon their consultation with local health officials and the needs of their students and staff.  The decision to continue in person learning within residential sites is the decision of the individual agency.



The Office of Facility Schools is one of three offices under the Exceptional Student Services Unit (along with the Office of Special Education and the Office of Gifted Education).


All facility schools will provide access to opportunities for education and growth.


The Office of Facility Schools will provide systems of support for students and staff that cultivate education environments that value relationships, compassion, and academic outcomes.


  • On average there are approximately 6,000 placements made per year in facility schools
  • Approximately 80 school districts are represented within our population
  • Student placements come from 8 different types of public agencies
  • Facility program types include residential, day treatment and hospitals
  • The Office of Facility Schools has adopted K-12 curriculum guides in reading, writing, mathematics, and science that align with the Colorado Academic Standards for all facility schools
  • Students in facility schools are assessed in reading and math using the iReady Diagnostic Assessment system
  • Grades and transcripts are maintained for all students grades 9-12, courses align to the state common course codes
  • All students are required to participate in state assessments

Facility Schools Directory


Applications Being Accepted for Two Facility Schools Board Seats

The Office of Approved Facility Schools, at the Colorado Department of Education, is seeking applicants for two open seats on the Facility Schools Board. Applications for the Facility Schools Board are due March 20, 2020.

The open seats represent:

  • One person representing county departments of human or social services within Colorado, and
  • One person representing state level child placement agencies within Colorado
  • A state level child placement agency is any corporation, partnership, association, firm, agency, institution, or person unrelated to the child being placed, who places, who facilitates placement for a fee, or arranges for placement of any child under the age of 18 years with any family, person, or institution for purposes of foster care, treatment, and/or adoption.
  • Examples include residential child care facilities, secure residential treatment facilities, day treatment facilities, psychiatric residential treatment facilities, child placement agency adoption, child placement agency foster homes, group homes, group centers, and homeless youth shelters.

In addition, the members of the board need to be representative of the geographic areas of the state and representative of the ethnic and racial diversity and gender balance within the state.

The term of membership is three years. The board meets monthly. Members of the board serve without compensation, except for reasonable reimbursement of expenses.

The Facility Schools Board is responsible for establishing a system for approving and monitoring facility schools; adopting curriculum and graduation requirements; awarding high school diplomas; and adopting accountability measures for approved facility schools.

Any person meeting the qualifications for membership on the Facility Schools Board is invited to submit a personal resume along with a letter of interest. Applications are due by March 20, 2020. Applications can be sent to: Colorado Department of Education, Office of Facility Schools, Attn: Judy Stirman, 1560 Broadway, Suite 1100, Denver CO 80202. Applications can also be e-mailed to Judy Stirman at:

For more information contact Judy Stirman at 303-866-6684.