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Resources - Individualized Education Program (IEP)

IEP Process Procedural Guidance

The IEP Procedural Guidance document was revised the summer of 2017 and incorporates suggestions from directors and ESSU professionals. Content was not changed.


Writing Standards-Aligned ALPs and IEPs: A Supplemental Guidance Document

A guidance document providing information for educators regarding the design of effective formal educational plans aligned with the Colorado Academic Standards.

Extended School Year Determination Webinar

Extended School Year refers to special education and related services provided in accordance with a child's IEP, but which are provided beyond the normal school year at no cost to the child's parent(s).

Fritzi, half Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep and half Rocky Mountain goat (on his mother's side), loves rock climbing, Bluegrass music, and his job as the face of Your On-Demand eLearning Library. YODeL (Your On-Demand eLearning Library)

An ever-expanding program intended to provide a targeted review of the information needed to successfully navigate the IEP process.


These modules are now housed on the CDE Moodle site - please "Login as a Guest" (see right column).

IEP Eligibility Process

Discusses the steps leading up to the initial creation of an Individualized Education Program (IEP); from referral to eligibility determination, ending with guidelines for obtaining the consent for the initial provision of special education services.
Approximate time to complete: 20 – 25 minutes

Navigating the IEP Timeline

Provides an overview of the timeline for the IEP process leading up to and including the initial development of an IEP, as it is referenced within IDEA and ECEA regulations.
Approximate time to complete: 6 minutes

Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) and Service Delivery

Provides guidance in determining a Least Restrictive Environment and in creating an appropriate Service Delivery Statement, as well as a review of the decision-making process and focused discussion regarding educational placement for students with disabilities.
Approximate time to complete: 15 minutes

Cultural Mediators, Interpreters and Translators

Offers an understanding of the roles, selection process and utilization of Cultural Mediators, Interpreters and Translators as effective team members when working with EL students and their families.  These specialists can be invaluable during IEP development to prevent over- or under-identification for Special Education.
Approximate time to complete: 12 minutes

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