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directories funding sources: C(3) Forum, Colorado Nonprofit Association, Colorado Virtual Library, Community Resource Center, San Luis Valley Rural Philanthropy Days, Western Slope Rural Philanthropy Days

Finding opportunities to network with grantors and other grant writers can prove to be invaluable. Building relationships in this community will help you locate funding and build successful relationships with grantors. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a grantor came to you instead of having to seek them out on your own?

  • Colorado Nonprofit Association - C(3) Forum
    The Colorado Association of Funders, Colorado Nonprofit Association, and Community Resource Center present the annual C(3) Forum typically held in late summer. The event brings together nonprofit professionals and funders from across the state for interaction, engagement, and discussion.
  • Colorado Nonprofit Association - Fall Conference
    This informative conference offers two days of training and keynote speakers.
  • Colorado Virtual Library - Mailing Lists
    Colorado State Library’s Network & Resource Sharing unit hosts numerous mailing lists for the Colorado library community. These lists can provide you with networking opportunities. The State Library posts funding opportunities on the Libnet list.
  • Community Resource Center - Rural Philanthropy Days
    Colorado’s 52 rural counties are divided into 8 rural regions for these events.  Two events are held in a different region each year. Each region will hold an event once every four years. Through program attendance you can increase the effectiveness of your library’s mission, build meaningful collaborations, and achieve fundraising goals.

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