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directories funding sources: Colorado Grants Guide, Community Resource Center, Foundation Center, GrantStation, and The Grantsmanship Center


  • Candid: 990 Finder (Foundation Center)
    Nonprofit organizations are required by the IRS to file a Form 990. These forms can provide you with information on whom the organization has funded, the dollar amount distributed and type of projects.  The forms are long but the information that will be of most use will be located towards the end!
  • Candid: Foundation Directory Online (Foundation Center)
    This fee based directory contains expanded profiles for over 108,000 U.S. Foundations.
    Pricing for the Essential Edition:
    $49.99/month billed monthly
    $33.25/month for one time annual payment
    $31.58/month for one time biennial payment
  • Candid: Funding Information Network (Foundation Center)
    For those who don’t have the funding to subscribe to the Foundation Directory Online Colorado has several network locations where users can access the database and other grant finding tools free of charge. Locations include Denver Public Library, Mesa County Libraries, Eagle Valley Library District and others. It is recommended you call the location before your visit to set up an appointment with a trained staff person.
  • Candid: Visualizing Funding For Libraries (Foundation Center)
    This free tool is a wonderful source for locating funders and grant recipients.  You can identify who is funding library projects in the state or narrow your search to your county.  The site also offers brief information on the types of projects being funded.  Funder profiles and contact information is included.  Take the time to explore this site as there are numerous features to master
  • Community Resource Center- Colorado Grants Guide
    This fee directory is the most comprehensive database of funders that support Colorado-based community organizations. The website also provides access to the Colorado Common Grant Application and user’s guide that many funders require. 
    Rural library subscription $199/year
    Metro library subscription $249/year
  • The Grantsmanship Center
    Grant Domain is a pricey database of foundation, corporate, and federal grantmakers from the Grantsmanship Center.  If you are a “graduate” of Grantsmanship Center trainings you will receive a full or associate membership for free dependent on the training you have completed.
    Pricing for GrantDomain:
    $495 for one year
    $695 for two years
    $795 for three years
  • GrantStation
    This directory provides access to grant opportunities from all types of grantmakers. One good feature is the ability to search by type of support. Make sure to sign up for their free weekly newsletter that includes announcements of timely grant opportunities.
    $99/year Discount through TechSoup offered several times a year

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