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Teaching and Learning Conditions Colorado (Formerly TELL)

This is the home page for the Teaching and Learning Conditions Colorado Survey, formerly known as TELL Colorado. The historical data from TELL Colorado is being migrated to the CDE website and will be available publicly by early January. For an interactive report of  historic district and school level TELL data go to: Additional reports will be migrated to this site in mid-January. 

Teaching and Learning Conditions Colorado Survey 

Initiated through HB 08-1384, the Teaching & Learning Conditions (Formerly TELL) Survey is a statewide survey of school-based staff (teachers and leadership) on their perceptions of the teaching and learning conditions in their schools.

Purpose of the TLCC (Formerly TELL) Colorado Survey

Amplify Educators’ Voice

Provides schools, district and state policymakers with reliable data on teaching and learning conditions. It offers additional information for discussion and gives potential suggestions on areas that deserve attention in a school environment.

Deepen Improvement Planning 

Provides additional data to support school improvement efforts (e.g., root cause analysis in the Unified Improvement Plan). The survey data can help staff to identify positive trends in school conditions, as well as identify areas that deserve further discussion.

Strengthen Educator Evaluation

May be used as a source of evidence of strength or areas for individual goal setting in the educator evaluation system (e.g., principal professional practice rubric). Note that the data are NOT intended to negatively sanction or criticize individuals. Leadership items refer to a group of people, rather than solely the principal.



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