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Unified Improvement Planning and Accountability - Training

Accountability & Continuous Improvement Support: Training & Technical Assistance

The Accountability & Continuous Support Unit at the Colorado Department of Education offers a wide-range of in-person and online technical support and training.  Our offerings address topics ranging from data literacy to board governance. Also, the Improvement Planning Unit is a frequent contributor at state conferences including the CASB annual conference, CASE annual conference, and the League of Charter Schools annual conference. 
Please click here for a pdf of available training and technical support opportunities. Contact us with questions and/or requests for support at:  

Upcoming Training Opportunities & Presentations

​School Accreditation and Request to Reconsider Office Hours​

  • Description: Office hours are available for any schools or districts who need support on the 2022 accreditation or request to reconsider process.
  • Audience: All districts and any schools interested in participating in a request to reconsider in 2022
  • Date/Time: Beginning August 17, occurring every Wednesday and Thursday from 2:00-4:00 PM until the process concludes
  • Registration Link:

UIP Submission & District User Dashboard Webinar

  • Description: This webinar will provide an overview of this year’s UIP submission process, including exercising biennial flexibility, combined submission, and January submission. A walkthrough of the dashboards available to district-level users in the UIP Online System will also be provided. 
  • Audience: Accountability Contacts, District Leaders, and other individuals responsible for UIP submissions
  • Date/Time: Friday, September 16,12:00-12:45pm.
  • Registration Link:

Alternative Education Campus (AEC) Accountability Overview

  • Description: This webinar covers an overview of the AEC School Performance framework, changes to the framework for the 2022 school year, connecting optional measures to school mission and goals, and school improvement implications for AECs. 
  • Audience: School leaders and district staff who supervise AEC or support/manage district data collection and accountability.
  • Date/Time: Wednesday, September 28, 1:00-2:00pm. 
  • Registration Link:

Comprehensive Support (CS)School-Level UIP Work Session Webinars

  • Description: These trainings will be workshops based on identification type with a drilled down look at the requirements for each type of CS school. CDE staff will be available to assist with any questions and help work to get UIPs to meet requirements. 
  • Audience: Principals and/or individuals writing the school level UIP for CS identified schools, and district personnel responsible for supporting school UIP development, review, and approval 
  • Register for the training specific to your school's identification type:

On-Demand Training/Technical Assistance Resource Catalog

Visit the UIP 101 training page to watch a series of eight introductory videos about the elements of the UIP and the online system.

Early Literacy UIP Requirements

Description: This video provides an overview of UIP requirements related to the READ Act, including requirements related to data analysis and action planning to support struggling readers.



How to Use Strategy Guides in the Improvement Planning Process

Description: This video provides a brief introduction to CDE's Strategy Guides. It includes an overview of the structure of the Strategy Guides, as well as guidance for using them to help you select and implement a research-based school improvement strategy.



Implementing an Early Learning Needs Assessment

Description: This video summarizes what an Early Learning Needs Assessment (ELNA) is and how to incorporate it into the UIP.



Small N Analysis & Data Analysis for Disaggregated Groups

Description: This video provides guidance for schools and districts on how to conduct analysis for public reporting on small student populations. The video describes the requirements for protecting student information, discusses why it is important to both aggregate and disaggregate data, and provides examples of ways to report data if the data does not meet minimum student count thresholds.





Recent Training Presentations & Resources

Educational Accountability 101 Webinar: This webinar provided an overview of Educational Accountability including the district/school performance frameworks for the 2022-23 academic year.

Insufficient State Data Rating Informational Webinar:  CDE staff held a webinar on Friday, September 9th. The webinar, for schools and district identified with an Insufficient State Data rating, covered the rating definition, description, and general considerations for improvement planning.

Accountability Overview Webinar: CDE staff held an accountability overview webinar on Wednesday, September 7th. The webinar provided a description of Accountability for 2022, with an emphasis on state accountability. To include an overview of high level results and considerations for plan types, accountability actions and improvement planning.

Growth 101 Webinar:  CDE staff held a growth 101 webinar for the 2022 data release on August 12th. The webinar included a conceptual overview of the Colorado Growth Model and an overview of changes in reports and measures associated with the 2022 release. 

Accountability Webinar:  CDE staff hosted a webinar on June 29th to provide an overview and updates on accountability for the 2022-23 year.  The webinar included a description of policy decisions that are unique to this school year. 

Stakeholder Engagement Webinar: CDE staff hosted a webinar related to stakeholder engagement in the UIP development process.

Using Non-Assessment Data Webinar Series:  CDE hosted a webinar series during the Spring of 2021 regarding the use of non-assessment data and associated best practices.

  • Session 1. Data Core Training: slides
  • Session 2. Student Engagement: slides
  • Session 3. Early Warning Systems: slides
  • Session 4. Social Emotional Learning: slides

UIP Training Archives & Resources

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