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School Readiness

Preparing Colorado's Children

CDE and School Readiness promote a start early approach to school. With a strong, early start Colorado children will be more likely to continually succeed in school. School Readiness supports teachers’ ability to create responsive learning environments that ensure academic and developmental growth for students. This includes promoting awareness of developmentally appropriate practices (DAP) that supports hands-on learning experiences and challenges students’ thinking.

To do this, school readiness assessments are used on an ongoing basis to measure children’s growth. Information collected through the assessments provides teachers with targeted instruction opportunities for individual students and small groups of students, thereby strengthening the learning environment for students.

News and Announcements

Kindergarten School Readiness Assessment Webinar

This webinar recording provides information about the assessment and offers new information related to Jefferson County School District’s use of the North Carolina Kindergarten Assessment.Full-Day Kindergarten Implementation Survey & Formula-Based Grant Application.

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