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How to Become an Approved HSE Testing Center

Per Colorado Revised Statutes 22-33-102(8.5), the Department of Education approves testing centers to administer any State Board-approved high school equivalency examination (HSEE) based on geographic need and testing volume. 

Prior to administration of any HSEE, testing centers must first be approved by the Department and must also meet the requirements of the test publisher for any HSEE the testing center selects (e.g., the GED or HiSET). Follow these steps to become approved to administer HSE exams:

  1. Complete the HSEE Testing Center Application: The Department approves and determines need for new testing sites based on geographic location and testing volume in the region. School districts and schools may be approved testing centers for their students. 
  2. Apply with the test publisher: After your Application with CDE has been approved, choose which HSE exam(s) you want to provide and begin the application process with the test publisher. The individual test publishers determine the ability of a testing center to meet all requirements to administer the selected HSEE. Requirements vary by test publisher.
  3. Begin testing! Once you have met all the requirements of the test publisher, you are ready to begin administering your HSE exam(s)!

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Note: Department-approved testing centers are authorized to provide any HSE exam and do not need additional approval to add new HSE exams. For example, if you are approved to administer the GED and later want to add the HiSET, you do not need to re-apply with CDE. You will simply follow PSI's application process as per step 2 above.

Resources for Testing Centers

GED Centers:

HiSET Centers:


Alena Barczak, High School Equivalency Coordinator