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Graduation Guidelines Implementation Strategies


The section provides guidance and examples of Graduation Guidelines practices currently used in Colorado schools and districts. They represent a wide variety of practices across the state, including: rural, suburban, and urban areas; districts that range from small to large; public schools, and charter schools. This collection provides school professionals with real-life examples of Graduation Guidelines implementation strategies and practices that can be downloaded and adapted for use in your setting.

Guidance, Resources, and Promising Practices


View Guidance for English Learners, Gifted Students, and Students with Disabilities

Student and Teacher in Conversation

Submit a Promising Practice

If you would like to submit examples of board policy, strategic plans, implementation plans or tools, please contact:

Robin Russel, CDE
Graduation Guidelines Manager

PWR Symposia Resources, 2018-2020

Districts and schools have been meeting in small regional Symposia to discuss implementation strategies for Graduation Guidelines.  Find guidance for Graduation Guidelines Menu items, sample district policies, CTE, ICAP, Work-Based Learning, practices, stories, videos, agendas, attendees, and other information