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1.1 Overview of the Structure of the Colorado Dyslexia Handbook

The first edition of the Colorado Dyslexia Handbook is designed to create a basic document structure that can be easily expanded and updated as new research and information about the science of reading and dyslexia become available. This handbook is organized into downloadable, printable sections and chapters, each reflecting a specific aspect of our focus on students with dyslexia and their parents, families, and teachers. As our work in the area of literacy expands, so will the content of this handbook. For this reason, the Colorado Dyslexia Handbook was created as an electronic document that can readily be adjusted to meet the needs of students, families and schools. As a living document, this handbook serves as a resource for the most current and informative research and best practices available.

It should be noted that Colorado school districts have considerable autonomy in making decisions about diagnostic tools and instructional programs. Outside of specific legislation, such as Colorado’s Reading to Ensure Academic Development Act (READ Act), the Colorado Department of Education does not endorse specific interim assessments, diagnostic tools, instructional programs or materials. As a result, this handbook does not provide lists of mandated or preferred products or programs. Instead, this handbook will guide users to the best assessment and evidence-based instructional practices founded on current science and research.

Throughout the handbook, the reader will find lists of, and links to, resources provided for information purposes only. The CDE neither endorses nor recommends specific resources, with the exception of the federal Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) or CDE guidance documents.