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1.2 The Purpose of the Colorado Dyslexia Handbook

The Colorado Dyslexia Handbook is a resource for reliable information for educators, students, families, and community members about dyslexia, comprehensive literacy instruction, and the evidence-based practices for identification, instruction, and accommodation of students who have reading difficulties. As an informational guide, the intended purpose of this handbook is to:

  • Establish a common definition and understanding of dyslexia across Colorado;
  • Address best-practice and evidence-based approaches to the identification and subsequent instruction of students with dyslexia and other reading difficulties; and
  • Provide parents and families with resources to support students with dyslexia at home and in the community.

In addition, this handbook can provide guidance for parents, administrators, specialists, and teachers in making the best educational and instructional decisions for Colorado students with dyslexia. It can also serve as a starting point when additional resources are needed to support students suspected of having difficulties in reading and other essential literacy skills.