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School Health Professional Grant Program (SHPG)



The School Health Professional Grant Program (SHPG) is designed to provide funds to eligible education providers to enhance the presence of school health professionals in both elementary and secondary schools.

School Health Professionals are defined as School Nurses, School Psychologists, School Social Workers and School Counselors.

This grant program intends to:

  • Increase the presence of licensed school health professionals to provide behavioral health education and intervention to students who are enrolled in elementary and secondary schools.
  • Provide training and resources to school staff for the implementation of evidence-based programming for behavioral health education and care for all students.
  • Allow school health professionals to connect students enrolled in elementary and secondary schools with services provided by community-based organizations for treatment and counseling.

The State Board of Education adopted Rules for the Administration of the School Health Professional Grant Program (CCR 301-97) (PDF)

New Professional Development Information

The Health and Wellness team is offering various trainings throughout the 2021-22 school year.

Qualtrics- SHPG Evaluation and Results Report Training

New information as of 08/01/2021--SHPG Timelines

To address questions received on the School Health Professional Grant the following is provided:

To address the unobligated funds for those grantees (Cohort 4) in their final year of the SHP grant the following is provided as it is a change in the current procedures.

  • Grantees with unspent funds (unobligated funds) will be issued a No-Cost Extension (NCE) until June 30, 2022, allowing the program to continue the services as outlined in the approved budget. Changes in the scope cannot be requested as the application remains the guiding document.
  • A final expenditures report will be due September 30, 2022.

To address the unobligated for those grantees (Cohort 5) that will be in continuation of the SHP grant the following is provided:

  • All unobligated funds will remain available for FY21-22.  The annual financial report must be completed and a budget revision submitted with the additional funds added to the current year. 

For additional fiscal questions, Contact Anna Friedman at at any time.

School Health Professional Grant Funded Grantees Work Plan and Budget Templates

Funded Education Providers

The SHPG defined an eligible education provider as:

  • A school district (on behalf of one or more K-12 schools);
  • A Board of Cooperative Services (BOCES);
  • A charter school (authorized by a school district or the Charter School Institute)

See the list of funded education providers

Conference Calls/Webinar Recordings

Resources for School Health Professionals

General Resources

Community Partners

For more information, please contact:

Phyllis Reed
Health and Wellness
Phone: 720-498-2059

Kristi Elliott
Health and Wellness
Phone: 303-968-5736

Stephanie Bernard
Health and Wellness
Phone: 303-866-6867