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Registry Programs Methodology

Programs on the Registry Programs page were originally sourced from Washington State Institute of Public Policy's Youth Cannabis Inventory (PDF). Each program's evidence base was cross-checked using one (or more) of five other registries. If a program was reviewed by a registry, a link to that program's page on the respective registry is provided. A list of the six registries used, with links to the registry page, can be found on the Registry Programs help page.

Each registry uses its own, unique review and rating process. View the Registry Programs help page for more information concerning each registry's rating and review practices. Additionally, as you scroll down this list of programs, keep in mind that they are in alphabetical order, continue scrolling down the page to see the full list of programs. For more information and help using this page, please visit the Registry Programs help page.

View the Marijuana Use Prevention Resource Bank Help Page

Please read the following Instructions:

The Registry Programs page is organized by grade level that each program was evaluated for (some programs are added if the program serves multiple levels of grades). This resource bank provides a program's title, program description, evidence-based registry-specific rating, grade level, support tier, and link to the program's web page to learn more. As a reference, use the example below to understand how to read the overview provided by the resource bank.

Example of a Program on the registry program page

Example Program Information Key:

Evidence-Based Registry Rating - This area provides the rating from each registry used in this format: NameOfRegistry(RatingGiven). For more information on registry ratings and practices, please visit the Marijuana Use Prevention Resource Bank help page.

Grade Level - This area provides the grade level the program was evaluated for. This is also used to organize the programs on this list.

Support Tier - This section provides information on the size of the population it is appropriate for, whether it be tier 1 All (Universal), tier 2 Some, or tier 3 few (Intensive). This is based on the Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) framework., for more information on this topic, please explore the MTSS page on CDE website. 

Resources - The link provided in this section will redirect you to more information either on the program's web page or the source web page.



Registry Program Pages by Grade Level


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