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Educator Preparation Standards Matrices

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Senate Bill 19-190 charged the CDE with the creation of a Mentor Teacher endorsement. The standards for this endorsement were drafted by a stakeholder group during the summer and fall of 2019. The standards were then adopted by the State Board of Education at their November 2019 meeting. To allow educator preparation programs the ability to become approved for this new endorsement area and offer this to educators during the summer or fall of 2020, the CDE is having a special endorsement window for the mentor endorsement standards this spring semester.  Click here for more detailed information.

Educator Preparation Endorsement Standards Matrices

Administrator (Grades K-12)

Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (Grades 7-12)

Business and Marketing (Grades 7-12)

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education (Grades K-12)

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Bilingual Education (Grades K-12)

Dance (Grades K-12)

Director of Gifted Education (Grades K-12)

Director of Special Education (Grades K-12)

Drama Theater Arts (Grades K-12)

Early Childhood Education (Ages Birth-8)

Early Childhood Special Education (Ages Birth-8)

Early Childhood Special Education Specialist (Ages Birth-8)

Elementary Education (Grades K-6)

English Language Arts (Grades 7-12)

Family and Consumer Sciences (Grades 7-12)

Gifted Education Core (Ages 4-21)

Gifted Education Specialist (Ages 4-21)

Health (Grades K-12)

Instructional Technology (Grades (K-12)

Instructional Technology Specialist (Grades K-12)

Mathematics (Grades 7-12)

Mentor Teacher (Grades K-12)

Middle School Mathematics (Grades 6-8)

Music (Grades K-12)

Physical Education (Grades K-12)

Principal Quality Standards

Reading Specialist (Grades K-12)

Reading Teacher (Grades K-12)

School Audiologist (Ages Birth-21)

School Counselor (Grades PreK-12)

School Nurse (Ages Birth-21)

School Occupational Therapist (Ages Birth-21)

School Orientation and Mobility Specialist (Ages Birth-21)

School Physical Therapist (Ages Birth-21)

School Psychologist (Ages Birth-21)

School Social Worker

School Speech Language Pathologist (Ages Birth-21)

Science (Grades 7-12)

Social Studies (Grades 7-12)

Special Education Generalist (Ages 5-21)

Special Education Specialist (Ages 5-21)

Special Education Specialist: Deaf Hard of Hearing (Ages Birth-21)

Special Education Specialist: Visually Impaired (Ages Birth-21)

Speech (Grades 7-12)

SSP Quality Standards

Teacher Librarian (Grades K-12)

Technology Education (Grades 7-12)

Teacher Quality Standards

Visual Arts (Grades K-12)

World Languages (Grades K-12)