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Data Pipeline Interchanges


The data pipeline interchanges are designed to accept student submission year around. There are six interchanges: Special Education Discipline, Special Education IEP, Staff, Student, the Teacher Student Data Link, and Title 1. The Statewide Standard Course Code documentation is included in the interchange documentation even though it is not a Data Pipeline interchange.  The documentation has been placed here because the data is required for the Teacher Student Data Link interchange. 

Snapshots, typically thought of as collections, pull student information from these interchanges which decreases the redundancies in reporting data and allows for data to be cleaned on a more frequent basis.


ADE Collection

Pipeline Interchange


  • Point-in-time
  • Collection closes
  • Periodic (once a year)
  • Open all year

File Formats

  • Flat files
  • One format (text)
  • Flat files and web services
  • Multiple file formats (text, excel, xml)


  • Student October
  • Student Interchange