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Data Pipeline


Data Pipeline is a streamlined approach to efficiently move required education information from school districts to the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). Data Pipeline consists of four types of data collections: year-round, interchanges, snapshots, and periodic collections. 

  • Year-Round are files that are open throughout the school year and can be updated as needed.  These files consist of RITS, EDIS and the Directory.  RITS creates and updates the state assigned student identifiers (SASIDs); EDIS creates and updates the educator identifiers (EDIDs) and the Directory captures the local education agency general information and school information. 
  • Interchanges are files that are uploaded by Local Education Agencies (LEAs), such as districts, BOCES or administrative units. These interchange files are intended to be transactional in nature therefore allowing LEAs to submit data regularly to CDE and clean the data as they go. 
  • Snapshots pull data from interchange files to then be used for reporting purposes. There are business rules in place in the snapshot that are more specific and can reference data from multiple interchange files.
  • Periodic collections are typically one-time per year collections that do not reference any interchange files. The data is not referenced or pulled into snapshots either. However, there are also periodic collections that have the possibility of referring to data reported in interchange file(s); such as the READ spring assessments.

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