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Indicator 1 - Graduation


Percent of youth with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) graduating from high school with a regular high school diploma.
(20 U.S.C. 1416 (a)(3)(A))



States must report data for children with disabilities using the four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate required under the ESEA. Colorado defines this as:  [Number of students with disabilities who received a regular diploma in four years or less of entering from 9th grade] DIVIDED BY [Number of students with disabilities entering from 9th grade (plus number of transfers in minus number of verified transfers out)]

*Students who were reported as students with disabilities at any grade between 9th and 12th are included in the cohort as students with disabilities.


How is Colorado doing on the this indicator?

School Year 4-yr Cohort Graduation Rate for Students with Disabilities
SY 2017-18 coming soon
SY 2016-17 57.24%
SY 2015-16 53.78%
SY 2014-15 54.63%


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