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Turnaround Leadership Development Program


The School Turnaround Leadership Grant Program, made possible through SB 14-124, establishes and promotes leadership training specifically for the turnaround environment and is an integral part of Colorado’s state-wide strategy to improve the performance of students in the lowest-performing schools and districts in the state. The grant program releases two RFPs, one for providers and one for participants.

It is the intention of CDE and the Office of Priority Improvement and Turnaround Support to align the support offered through the turnaround leadership development Provider and Participant grants with other supports and partnerships offered through CDE. Applicants are encouraged to review other support systems.


The Participant RFP is intended for districts, charter schools, or the Charter School Institute to apply for state funds in order to have eligible teachers, principals, and district staff enroll and participate in the identified Providers. Applicants may request funds to support teacher leaders, school leaders, and district staff who directly work in or support schools with identified Priority Improvement or Turnaround plan types, according to the Colorado School Performance Frameworks.

The 2017-2018 Leadership Development Grant Participant RFP Documents

Note: In order to apply for this opportunity, interested applicants must submit a Letter of Intent by Wednesday, January 18, 2017. While this Letter of Intent is non-binding, it is required so that an application submission link can be set up for your application.

Technical Assistance For Participant RFP


The Provider RFP is intended for existing or new leadership development providers. Applicants may apply to have a new or existing program identified as meeting the criteria and quality as outlined in the RFP. Such identified Providers would then be eligible to enroll participants and to receive state funds through the Participant RFP. Provider applicants may also apply for one-time design grants to support the creation and/or development of their turnaround leadership development programs. Applicants must agree to serve leaders in more than one district across the state.

Nine Turnaround Leadership Development Programs have been approved by the State Board of Education for 2017-2018.

Provider Overview

The 2017-2018 list of providers is as follows. Please click on each of the Providers for more information about their programs.

The 2016 Provider RFP documents can be used as a reference guide. The provider RFP has closed, please check back in September 2017 for the 2018-2019 RFP.

Grant Information

2014-2015 Evaluation Report to the Colorado Legislature (PDF)

Turnaround Leadership Resources


Please feel free to contact Peter Sherman, with questions about the grant program.

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