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2021-2022 School Year Grantees


Development Year Report (for Year 1/Cohort 11)

Due: May 13, 2022

Due January 28, 2022: Development Year Needs Assessment Reflection

Due February 25, 2022: Environmental Scan Reflection

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School and District-Level End of Year Reports (for each funded School and District in Years 2-4/Cohorts 8-10)

Due: June 17, 2022 for Years 2 and 3 (Cohorts 9 and 10)
Due: September 30, 2022 for Year 4 (Cohort 8)

  • End of Year Report Trainings held on Jan. 27, 2022 - for Elementary and Secondary

  • This electronic survey for the School and District Levels report has a save and return feature that will appear at the very top of page 2.  Click in the gray band and it will expand for you to put in your email address and verify. When you return to the saved report you MUST use the link that was emailed to you and not return to the link on the SCCG Webpage.  

  • Please print a copy of your report for your records.  A print option will be available once you submit your final report(s). Scroll to bottom of final report to find the “Print” option.

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