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Gifted Education Regional Consultants (GERCs)

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Regional Network System of Support

Gifted education is supported in the state through a regional network system. Gifted Education Regional Consultants (GERCs) serve as leaders and facilitators of technical assistance and professional development for successful implementation of the administrative unit's (AU's) comprehensive program plan. 

A regional gifted education grant supports the network structure.  A Fiscal Agent is designated for each region to be the accountant for the regional grant funds.  Appropriation of funds support the part-time regional consultant, professional development for educators, resources, materials, and parent and student events based on regional input and need.


Gifted Education Regional Consultant (GERC):

The GERC is a member of a statewide regional team that serves AUs in designated Colorado regions.  The GERC is an employee or a consultant of the AU retaining fiscal agent duties of the grant and for the administrative units of the specific region.

Administrative Unit (AU): 

“Administrative Unit” means a school district, a board of cooperative services, or the state charter school institute that is providing educational services to exceptional children and that is responsible for the local administration of this Act - ECEA (Exceptional Children’s Education Act).  Like special education, gifted education is administered and funded through the administrative unit. Provisions for the implementation of identification of exceptional children, gifted education program elements, and accountability are supported through the administrative unit.

Fiscal Agent: 

For purposes of the Gifted Education Regional Grant Program, the fiscal agent is an AU that agrees to be the accountant for grant funds and the hiring agent or contractor for the GERC.

Colorado Regions

View a map of Colorado's designated CDE service regions

Note:  For gifted education:

  • The Southwest area is split into two service regions:  Southwest-west and Southwest-east. 
  • The Northeast area is split into two service regions:  East Central and Northeast.

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  • Provide funds for a gifted education regional consultant who will facilitate a specific regional AU network
  • Provide selected professional development experiences coordinated with the regional AU directors/coordinators to increase capacity of educators to identify and program for students with exceptional potential
  • Provide support, consultation, and technical assistance to AU gifted directors and coordinators

  • Foster collaboration and sharing of resources among AU directors/coordinators for implementing program plans and accountability practices
  • Provide the alignment, common resources, and consistency of the State’s provisions for gifted education through GERC participation in statewide reviews, resource development efforts, and GERC meetings
  • Facilitate and/or provide opportunities for gifted students and/or parents aligned to regional needs