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Staff Contacts - Office of Gifted Education

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Office of Gifted Education Contacts

For more information on Gifted Education and related programs, please contact:

Rebecca McKinney, Ed.D, Gifted Education Director
Phone: 303-866-6652
Email Rebecca McKinney,

Robin Greene, Ed.D, Gifted Education Supervisor
Email Robin Greene,

Theresa (Terri) Loiselle, Gifted Education Monitoring/Data Consultant
Email Terri Loiselle,

Michael Scott, Gifted Education Monitoring/Professional Learning Consultant
Email Michael Scott,

Cynthia Rundquist, Ed.D, Gifted Education/Twice Exceptional Consultant
Phone: 303-866-6232
Email Cynthia Rundquist,

Diane Barranco, Online Systems and Program Support
Phone: 303-866-6631
Email Diane Barranco,

Email Correspondence

Colo-GT provides local, regional, state and national information and discussion for Colorado educators and other interested persons concerning gifted and talented student education, and is sponsored by CDE. If your email address has changed please contact Diane Barranco to update.

Note: If you are not able to access the resources on our website or need additional support, please contact the Office of Gifted Education Program Administrator