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Data Privacy and Security

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  • The Privacy Technical Assistance Center with the U.S. Department of Education has published a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about School Resource Officers, School Law Enforcement Units, and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). It seeks to explain and clarify how FERPA protects student privacy while ensuring the health and safety of students and others in the school community.  You can find that document and many others on the District and School Resources/ Guidance and Tools page.


In this age of data-driven decision making, data is foundational to the success of the process. Whether discussing student-achievement, program monitoring, education funding, accountability or any other education-related conversation, data is at the center of the discussion. The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) is required by state and federal law to collect and store student and educator records.

CDE takes seriously its obligation to protect the privacy of data collected, used, shared and stored. These pages contain state and federal policies CDE adheres to, data privacy and security procedures, as well as guidance and resources for various stakeholders.

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