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Innovation Schools

The Innovation Schools Act, passed in 2008, provides a pathway for schools and districts to develop innovative practices, better meet the needs of individual students and allow more autonomy to make decisions at the school-level. The stated purpose of the Act is to provide additional flexibility to schools and districts for the purpose of meeting student needs, and it is the intent of the Colorado Department of Education to interpret the provisions of the Act broadly so as to maximize this flexibility. The Act allows a public school or group of public schools to submit an innovation plan to its local board of education that is designed to increase student outcomes and strategically align the school's resources with their approach to teaching and learning. Once approved, school district boards of education must submit the innovation plans and waiver requests to the Colorado State Board of Education for approval.

The Schools of Choice Office works to inform boards, districts, schools and individuals about the purpose of receiving innovation status and the process to receive innovation designation. The office is responsible for reviewing innovation applications and coordinating additional review by CDE staff in areas such as: budget compliance, special education compliance, educator effectiveness and turnaround grant compliance.  Following review, the office then provides staff recommendations about innovation applications submitted for State Board approval. In addition to working with schools and districts as they develop their innovation plans, the Schools of Choice Office conducts meetings and conversations with individuals to help them identify if innovation status is a good option for a district or school and collects innovation school data and produces an annual report on innovation schools by March 1st.

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