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Truancy Rates in Colorado

Truancy is a complicated issue. It is a symptom or outcome of various conditions and circumstances that eventually lead to a student not attending school. It is one of the earliest indicators of students needing help and if not addressed effectively, can result in a student eventually dropping out of school. Working with each truant student as soon as attendance issues become known is one of the earliest opportunities to identify and address a student's learning and social and emotional needs with the goal of the student becoming more engaged in the learning process and on a path toward academic success.

To learn more about truancy including its causes and effects see the Truancy Fact Sheet (PDF) from the National Center for School Engagement.

The answers to the following questions explain the developmental process that led to determining truancy rates and information to better understand Colorado’s truancy data:

  • Which federal law requires the Colorado Department of Education to publish truancy rates on a school-by-school basis?
  • What are some beneficial ways that truancy-related data can be used?
  • How did the Colorado Department of Education determine the definition for truancy?
  • What is the definition of truancy for the purpose of calculating rates?
  • What is the difference between the definition for truancy and the Colorado Revised Statute definition for "habitually truant?"
  • How is the truancy rate calculated and what does it indicate?
  • Why is the rate based on "unexcused days absent" instead of number of truant students?
  • Is the data comparable between schools or districts to indicate or rank which schools or districts may have greater or lesser school attendance-related problems than others?


To better understand truancy-related issues, increase school attendance, and otherwise prevent or reduce truancy:

Colorado Truancy Rates by School

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