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CDE Leadership Learning Cohorts

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Learning Cohorts

Our Professional Learning Cohorts are collaborative groups of district and school leaders actively working to improve student outcomes. Leaders typically join together for four to eight virtual or in person cohort sessions over the course of a year. All cohorts focus on a specific problem of practice, establish leader connection and collaboration across districts, include CDE experts, and are designed to empower leaders. Additional Learning Cohort activities may include: site visits to schools and districts across the state, professional learning through external partners, grant opportunities for implementation, and a spotlight on best practices for districts through the lens of leaders.

There is no cost to join a cohort, and some have limited funds to support participant travel costs within CDE guidelines. In person sessions often occur at a participating school or district. Learning Cohorts have limited space in order to provide a high quality experience for participants. 

Each year, the District Improvement Strategy Office (DISO) analyzes state level data alongside feedback from the field to review the cohort offerings. Learning Cohorts shift from year to year in order to be responsive to the needs of district and school leaders. 




Why Join a Cohort?

  • Explore best practices, hear from experts, and gain data-based knowledge
  • Implement powerful next steps based on your individual school or district needs
  • Receive information about current tools, templates, and protocols
  • Learn from CDE, industry, and content experts on topics that matter to you
  • Provide feedback, problem-solve, and collaborate with other district and school leaders across Colorado
  • When possible, visit other schools and districts to observe practices in place or those being newly implemented

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2023-2024 Learning Cohorts

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