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Diagnostic Reviews

Diagnostic Reviews

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Diagnostic Reviews

Diagnostic Review is a service offered to school or district leaders by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). Experts from CDE visit the school or district, gather information, and craft a review document for the school or district leadership and staff to utilize for future planning.  


Benefits and Uses of a Diagnostic Review:

  • Identify specific areas of current success

  • Highlight stakeholder input

  • Review trends and performance challenges

  • Final report provided to support future action planning


There are different types of Diagnostic Reviews that focus on specific school or district components. Often they are led by CDE experts but occasionally they may be conducted by an external partner.


The District Improvement Strategy Office (DISO) can connect you with a Diagnostic Review option that best fits your situation and needs. Below are the kinds of Diagnostic Reviews our CDE team offers as well as the outcomes:



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