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Site Readiness Support Request

Request an Online Meeting with Pearson’s Field Engineering Services

As districts prepare for CMAS computer-based assessments this spring, CDE has another resource to support District Technology Coordinators site readiness preparations. Pearson is offering opportunities to discuss infrastructure, devices, and network configuration questions related to your site readiness preparations with Pearson’s Field Engineering Services. Meetings can be scheduled for 3 different lengths of time:

  • 15 minute Field Engineering Services meeting
  • 30 minute Field Engineering Services meeting
  • 60 minute Field Engineering Services meeting


Please send me, Collin Bonner, an email to schedule time with Pearson’s Field Engineering Services. In your email, please provide three preferred date and time options for when your team can be available for a meeting. I will reply with a confirmation once the meeting has been scheduled.

Request a Technical Site Visit

A District Site Technical Visit is designed for District Technology Coordinators to review infrastructure, devices, and network within their district to confirm readiness for the computer-based assessment.  Experienced technology representatives from CDE and Pearson will answer site readiness questions regarding network and local technology configurations and identify any potential technology risks. These visits are expected to last between 2-3 hours depending on questions, needs and level of readiness.

Online Testing Overview

  • TestNav
  • Proctor Caching
  • System Check
  • PearsonAccess

District Concerns

  • CMAS Site Readiness

Infrastructure Evaluation

  • Discuss infrastructure
  • Install Proctor Caching
  • Evaluate testing workstations and bandwidth using System Check

In preparation for this visit, District Technology Coordinators should identify those staff who will attend the site visit.  Ideally this will include the test coordinator(s), technology coordinator(s), charter school technology coordinator(s) and other technology staff configuring devices for the assessment.

Please send me an email to request a Technical Site Visit and include any specific site readiness concerns you would like us to address.